The Seven Project 



Deadline for application submission: January 20, 2020 

Application should be submitted to or by hand.

About the scholarship: A scholarship of $2,500 will be disbursed among up to  seven qualified applicants and applied to said recipients’ membership accounts. The scholarship fund is made up of a portion of financial contributions made within the first calendar year of business. 

The Seven Project Board of Directors will review all submissions and identify the top seven applicants based on the requirements listed below. Scholarship recipients will be notified by January 31, 2020. 

Application requirements: 

1. A copy of the applicant’s (or guardian’s) 2018 tax return. 

2. A copy of W2s and 1099s for 2018. 

3. Two short essays. 

4. Applicant must be a person over the age of eight years old and living with a physical disability.